Bovec Travel Tips | Make The Best Out Of Your Soča Valley Trip

Velika korita Soče

Surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers, waterfalls. Soča valley, you look amazing!

Heading to Bovec, Slovenia? It will be difficult not to be part of some adrenaline and adventure sports. No wonder, since the Soča Valley is considered to be the “outdoor Center” of Europe. Everyone can find something for themselves here…exploring nature and the Soča River, visiting the mountains, parachuting, canyoning in Bovec, mountain biking, rafting on the Soča, kayaking and I could go on and on…
But, with such a varied offer, there are many providers you can choose for your dream trip. Well, let me help you out with this, because I have prepared some tips for you on “how to get your best adrenaline trip” ..

Canyoning Bovec, Slovenia
Canyoning Bovec, Slovenia

Check it out 😉

Support The Locals

As I said, there are many sports agencies in Bovec you can choose. Both, foreign and local. I highly recommend you choose the locals. The reason is simple. They are the best at what they do, as they have lived and worked in the Soča valley for many years. Maybe you’re just interested in what is the name of that “mountain over there” or maybe a piece of varied local history? 🙂

Canyoning Bovec

Cheapest Is Usually Not The Best (Or Safest)

Yes, you heard it right! You may pay a little more for your dream trip, but if you want your trip to be a real dream, then you must also have good quality equipment and a professional guide with a license … right? 🙂

Kanjoning Bovec

What About The Quality?

High quality service is very important because it is actually about you and your safety 😉
Check at the agency how the trip will take place, and above all, check who will be your guide and what equipment you will get for your trip. If you are interested in kayaking in Bovec, then check what kind of boat you will get for the tour. If you want to go canyoning  which requires walking along the riverbed, then it is very important that the agency provides professional canyoning shoes and not just ordinary rafting boots. Remember … it’s about your unforgettable experience. 😉

So, these were just a few of my tips on how to make the best out of your next holiday in Bovec. If you still don’t know where you will spend your holiday next summer, let me tell you that Bovec and the Soča valley are a real paradise for a complete getaway and the right amount of adventure. Especially rafting on the Soča and canyoning are getting more and more popular in this beautiful country … Ohh, i almost forgot.. If you still didn’t realise, sLOVEnia is the only country with “love” in its name 😉 … see you in the Soča valley!

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