BOVEC Activity Packages

Staying in bovec more than one day?

Get discounts by booking Bovec activity packages instead of individual activities. Each of our activity packages includes up to 10% discount on the total price. 


Whether you would like to experience whitewater rafting on the Soča river and combine it with an exciting canyoning trip near Bovec, or maybe you are the kind of person who loves a big adrenaline rush and you would like to try out some of our most exciting canyoning trips. Either way, we have the right adrenaline package for you!

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Rafting + Canyoning

Definitely our most popular selection – this awesome package includes our Bovec whitewater rafting trip on the Soča river and the Fratarica canyoning trip.

125€ per person

Canyoning Bovec

Canyoning Starter

A great idea for those who have never done canyoning before. Includes our Sušec canyoning trip (easy) and the Fratarica canyoning trip (intermediate).

130€ per person

Canyoning Bovec

Canyoning Advanced

The perfect choice for those seeking adrenaline. Includes our Fratarica canyoning trip (intermediate) and the Kozjak canyoning trip (advanced).

170€ per person

Active Week

5 days and 5 activities – rafting, canyoning, kayak trip, mountain biking and zipline. The best package if you’re staying in Bovec for the whole week.

230€ per person


Our activity packages are a great idea for people spending more than one day in the Soča valley, or anyone who wants to try a few of our activities. Choose your package and click Book now!

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