Welcome to Europe’s longest zipline park. Zipline Bovec offers 4km of stunning views of the Soča valley about 150m above the ground. It’s the perfect adventure for beginners and families.

zipline bovec


The closest thing to flying and a very unique way to see the spectacular canyon of the Učja valley. With 10 wires of total length of 4 km and altitude up to 150 m above the ground, this zipline ride in Bovec will either be the scariest thing you’ve ever done, or a nice and relaxing activity with a perfect view of the canyon. The trip starts at the zipline office in Bovec, where you will get all the necessary equipment, which includes a harness, a helmet and safety gloves. After that, we have a short 15 minute drive to the starting point. We put on the gear, do some practice runs on a small training wire and then the action starts!


About 2,5 – 3 hours.

Everyday at 10.00, 13.45 and 17.00.

  • Professional equipment in excellent condition.
  • A professional licensed zipline guide.
  • Transfer to the zipline park and back to the sports center.
Participants with any recent injuries must consult with us prior to attending the trip.

Hiking or sports shoes and some warmer clothes in spring and autumn.

35 – 125kg.

Remember – in the Učja canyon we are guests in someone else’s natural habitat. Birds, fish and other creatures live there. It is our job to leave the river in the same state as we found it and not cause any excessive noise or damage to animals and flora and fauna.


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